OSAKA Italian P greco




Born in Osaka. After graduated from The Kyoto Culinary Art College, started working at "Ristorante HiRo"'s main restaurant.
After 5 years of working there, went to Italy. Mainly worked Restaurants in North Italy like "Bersagliere" and "Via del Bongo" in Lombardy. "Da Bracali" in Tuscany for total of 7 years. After returned Japan, worked as the head chef at the "Ristorante HiRo" Osaka branch. April of 2013, opened "P greco" in Osaka Nishitenma. Oct.18th,2018 Received one star in [Michelin Guide Kyoto · Osaka + Tottori 2019]

Name "P greco" came from "Pi(Circle ratio)" in Italian. Never ending numbers of pi overlaps the idea of endless search for the answer of culinary art and the search keep going. Person and Person, person and space or time, person and foods. Everything mixed in one pot and time passes comfortably. Many smiling faces and circle of warm-heart people continue forever just like "Pi"…Circle ratio…"P greco". To make this dream comes true, we are looking forward everyone's visit with dishes that put our best and all our hearts.