OSAKA Italian P greco


Wish dine in "P greco" would be pleasant time.
All our staff are looking forward for everyone's visit at our restaurant.



Reservations and Booking entire restaurant

Since we have a limited space, we only take reservation's stating times listed below. Also for all customers to enjoy our meal, we are trying to start serving dishes at same time to all of our customers. So if any unexpected circumstance and could not make reservation time, sorry for the inconvenience, but please contact us and let us know.

Course starting times for reservation
Lunch : 12:00~ / Dinner : 18:00~・19:00~・20:00~
Course would be about 2 and half hrs to 3hrs, If you wish to shorten the course time, please let us know when you are making your reservation. Since we start serving course to all tables same time at the starting of reservation time, so if you would be late for your reservation by more than 15 minutes, please call us.

About booking entire restaurant
Business dining, clients dining, after wedding dining for small group, etc… We are available for various occasions. Please be free to ask us for any questions or requests. Contact : 06-6809-1800
Number of people : For booking entire restaurant is available from 6 people and up.
Maximum number of people as seated : 20 people
For buffet party, please consult with us.
Time : Please consult your requests with us. (e.g. from 11am to 5pm)

For wedding use
Although the number of people are limited for our small space, we will help you to make warm wedding gathering. Flower decoration, movie projector and so on… are available with additional charge. For any other requests, please do consult with us.


Restaurant Information

Number of seats : 16 /semi-private
Booking entire restaurant (seated) : 20 people
No smoking in entire restaurant (Smoking space available outside restaurant)
Dress code : Smart Casual
Accompany by children : A child must be age that be able to enjoy our course menu same as other family members and share the time and space with all other our customers comfortably.
window-side seat

window-side seat

Guest with food allergies

We will not be able to accommodate the changes of course dishes on the day of your reservation. So please make sure to consult with us beforehand. We kindly ask for your understanding. If you have any question, please feel free to ask us.

semi-private room

Cancellation or change of reservation

There will be a cancellation fee involved for cancelling reservation or reducing the number of people on reservation. If you cancel or change 2days before the day of reservation, cancellation fee will be 50% of reserved course price. If Cancellation or change on the day of reservation without contacting us, cancellation fee will be 100% of reserved course price. If wish to cancel reservation or reduce the number of people on reservation, please be sure to call us. Different date limit, that cancellation fee will occur, is set for cancelling on booking entire restaurant or large group of reservation, so please be sure to ask us when making your reservation.